This Beautiful Inheritance: I Met The Duggars!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Met The Duggars!

Yes, that's right, I might the Duggars! Not all 21 of them, but a third of the clan anyway. Since the tiniest member of the Duggars has been in Children's Hospital, the Duggar family from Northwest Arkansas has been staying in Little Rock. While here, they have been attending Friendly Chapel church in North Little Rock, where my aunt and uncle just happen to go as well. I have been wanting for several weeks now to attend a service and meet the giant family from one of my favorite shows. Tonight I finally got that chance.

I went with my aunt and my cousin's wife to a women's meeting where Michelle (Mama Duggar) was the speaker. She was just as sweet in person as she is on TV. And her girls were just as pretty and talented. In attendance were Jana, Jessa, Jinger, Jill and Joy Anna (along with Cousin Amy and Grandma Duggar). The girls sang a silly song (while harmonizing perfectly) and then played their violins. All of them are extremely talented!

And then, Michelle spoke. She told her testimony:  how God changed her life as a teenager, how she met Jim Bob at her mother-in-law's yogurt shop and how they decided to trust God with the number of children they would have. Whether or not you agree with the Duggars' way of life, you have to agree they're inspirational. To have 19 Godly, respectful, compassionate children is no easy task! It was a blessing to hear her tell their story and something I won't soon forget!

The Duggar Women

Me & Eden with the Duggars!



  1. That is so cool I would love to see them. I never knew how much Jana, Jessa and Jinger look so simialar

  2. wow, kelcie, that is so neat. wish i were with you. I'm sure you were blessed by meeting them.


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