This Beautiful Inheritance: Valentine's Day

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

So it was Valentine's Weekend. Valentine's Day is a pretty ok holiday in my opinion. It's the perfect excuse to get dressed up, go out, and spend too much money, which we did. Tyler and I celebrated on Saturday night, starting with a trip to the Rave Theater. It was only my second trip to the Rave ever. (I know, I know. I need to get out more.) But I love that place-- especially after growing up seeing movies at a theater where my feet stuck to the floor and the screen wasn't much bigger than my bedroom TV. 

Anyway, we saw Valentine's Day...(of course). Tyler really wanted to see The Book of Eli, but I guess I was persuasive enough to get my way (or whiny maybe). It was pretty cute. There was some-- to be blunt-- terrible acting though. Now don't get me wrong, I love Taylor Swift just like everyone else. But she has got to be the WORST actress in the entire world. But it doesn't matter because she is Taylor Swift, and her popularity isn't based on talent; it's based on likability-- luckily for her. 

After the movie we went to Vesuvio Bistro, a new Italian Restaurant off Shackleford in Little Rock. It was the perfect fit for Valentine's Day. Somewhere different. A quiet, romantic dinner-- a bit more upscale than our usual at Chili's. I got the cannelloni, and Tyler got lasagna. (Ok, so we didn't branch out too much, but it was still a nice treat.)

And then, it was home to baby girl. No matter how fun or romantic the evening, it's always nice to get home and see her sweet face. But at the same time, it was nice to spend an evening with my first favorite face-- my hubby :) 


  1. this sounds like a fun time. I love the Rave too. I can't wait until you take Eden to a moving picture there.

  2. Where is that restaurant at? it sounds so good. Yummy. I want to go now. haha. glad yall had fun.

  3. It's at 1501 Merrill Drive, off Shackleford. :)


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