This Beautiful Inheritance: Picture Time!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picture Time!

So, we are prepping for family pictures. I am so excited about them. If you've seen any of Candace Skarda's photos, then you know why! She has already been planning and has so many cool ideas for our session. We are also going to do 6 month pictures of Eden, along with the pics of all three of us. Candace told us to dress in bright colors so I decided on lime green and pink. Sidenote-- planning and coordinating clothes for three people is a lot of work! Two days of shopping and I still have more to do!

This may ruin the surprise, but I'll tell ya what I got. I bought Eden a super cute, frilly pink tutu with a big flower and lime green ribbon on it. I'm going to have her wear this, along with a matching headband, for her pics by herself. Then for the family photos... we also all got new clothes :) For Tyler- a lime green polo. For me- a lime green skirt and pink tank. And for Miss Eden- a tan spring dress with pink and green flowers at the top. And the best part of all... an adorable hat to match the dress!

So be looking out for some fabulous pictures. And schedule your own while you're at it.

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