This Beautiful Inheritance: A Silver Lining

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Silver Lining

Eden's finally gotten her first real cold. But I can't complain; she has been about the healthiest baby I've ever seen. She was born in October and was an infant all through cold and flu season, never truly getting sick until now.

It started last Friday with some low fever, which lasted until Sunday. We thought maybe she was just teething (which I still think she is) because there weren't really any other symptoms. But then, the full-blown cold developed:  sneezing, stuffy nose, runny eyes, and a horrible, sad little cough.

This morning I finally called the doctor to see if they could get her in. I wanted to make sure it was just a cold and nothing worse. Thankfully, they were able to get her in first thing this morning so I took off work and drove my little girl to Searcy. We had to see Dr. Wilkins because Dr. Moore was off. But he was super nice and assured us it was just a common cold, which doesn't make things any easier on a first time mom who feels helpless to make her sick baby feel better! He gave us a prescription for some cold medicine that had more "umph" (in his words) than the over-the-counter stuff, and sure enough, it's working great.

As sad as it was to see my little girl suffer through her first real cold, there was one good thing about today. By taking her to the doctor, I got to spend several more hours with her than I usually would have. Not quite worth it- but there's always a silver lining!

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