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Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Your Reading Pleasure...

Did I ever mention that I write? Well, obviously I write-- you're reading my blog. But I write other things too, namely, a lot of freelance work for Little Rock Family magazine. Just for kicks, I thought I'd post links to some of my work... for your reading pleasure :)

Junior League of Little Rock Encourages Families to Buckle Up and Be Safe, April 2010

Local Mommy & Me Classes Great for Babies and Moms, February 2010 

Oral Hygiene Tips for New Moms, February 2010

Centers for Youth and Families celebrates 125 years of service, October 2009

It’s Wiggle Time at Robinson Center Music Hall, August 2009

Baldwin & Shell's New Headquarters Reap Perks of LEED, Arkansas Green Guide, February 2010

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