This Beautiful Inheritance: Meeting DJ Tanner

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting DJ Tanner

Welllll... ok, so I didn't actually meet Candace Cameron. But this weekend I attended a women's conference in Branson called "Women of Joy." Friday night she was the speaker. And let me just say that the round faced, chubby cheeked girl we saw on Full House has turned into one hot mama. She's super skinny and just plain gorgeous. But that's beside the point!

She told her testimony about how she had gotten "saved" as a kid in church but still lived her teenage years just trying to be a good person. Good isn't good enough, she informed us. You're never good enough to go to heaven; only by God's grace are people made righteous.

As a young married woman, Candace read a book called Way of the Master by Ray Comfort. It showed her that according to God's law (the 10 commandments) she was guilty and in need of a savior. She finally understood that Christ dying was like someone coming into the courtroom where she'd just been sentenced to pay an astronomical fine (or go to prison) and paying it for her. Now that's a pardon. Because he took the punishment, she was free to go. Free to live and be and walk in Christ's love. After that she was a changed person. (This time-- fo real)

She then told about praying for her husband for two years and keeping her mouth shut (1 Peter 3:1-2). It paid off, and God changed his heart.

Here's an older video that I found with the shortened version of her testimony. Have a looksie.

I think it is so cool how God chose to make Candace and her brother Kirk (Mike Seever) famous as kids so that when they were all grown up, they would have a platform to share Christ's love.  But that just sounds like our God, doesn't it? :)


  1. I am so jealous that you got to hear her speak! I follow her on Twitter and think she is awesome. I love her testimony and dedication to serving the Lord. I know you were blessed by hearing her. By the way, Eden keeps getting more and more gorgeous!

  2. aw, thanks Amanda! You're too sweet! And yes it was a blessing! Last year we got to hear Kirk speak, and he was awesome too. BTW, I may be seeing you soon! I need to schedule a doc appt.


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