This Beautiful Inheritance: my little tiny baby is a BIG BIG GIRL!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my little tiny baby is a BIG BIG GIRL!

My Eden is changing so fast. This weekend she seemed to practically grow up overnight! Friday (as you probably saw on Facebook...) Eden started making a distinct "Da Da" sound. Although I'm still not convinced she knows what she's saying (Sorry, hubby), she is definitely getting closer to real words. She can make a "Ma Ma" sound too (I promise!), but of course I haven't caught that one on video.

Then, on Saturday Eden, Barnaby and I were playing out in the yard. I laid out a blanket where we could just hang out and relax. I decided to practice "sitting up" with Eden again. We have been working on it like crazy because our family photos are this coming Sunday, and I was hoping she'd be sitting up by then. So I sat her up and held out her little hands then slowly pulled my fingers away from hers....And I couldn't believe what I saw. She sat there and just grinned the cutest little grin at me, as if to say "Oh, mom. This is easy. I've been doing this forever in my crib when you're not around." My little baby was sitting up!

Then, yesterday we took Eden to her SIX MONTH check-up...Cannot believe she is 6 months!...and guess what the doctor told us- to start feeding our little baby finger foods-- start with crunched up Saltines, he said, then move on to whole crackers and throw in some green beans!...And this will be easy to do since she is SITTING UP and can now use her big girl high chair that's been stored in the attic!

So many big girl accomplishments in just three short days... I can hardly believe how fast she's changing. This weekend I also got out all her newborn clothes to get rid of and just stared in amazement at how tee-tiny they were and at how much she's grown. My tiny girl is not so tiny anymore, but never have any changes been as exciting as these!

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  1. They DO grow up way to fast. They are such miracles right before our own eyes! God is so amazing!


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