This Beautiful Inheritance: A Piece Of My Heart

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Piece Of My Heart

I'll give you a little peek into my heart. There's something in there you probably don't know about-- Adoption. No, I'm not adopted, and honestly, no one close to me is. But for some reason, I have a strong desire to adopt one day. I think the desire first developed around the end of high school, and thankfully, the man I married is on board!

Unless God has other plans, we really think we want to adopt internationally. I am just drawn to international kids. What an awesome way to bring another culture into our home and help our kids develop a heart for the world. I want them to know and care about things outside of our little American life.

One of my "Heroes" (so to speak) of adoption is Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman. He and his wife Mary Beth adopted three little girls from China. If you don't know, they tragically lost their youngest in an accident two years ago. But the Chapmans are huge advocates of adoption and run their own organization, Show Hope. Show Hope grants financial assistance to families seeking to adopt.

Here's the kicker. The cost of international adoption averages around $30,000! That's why organizations like Show Hope are so important. I'm hoping and praying that one day we can be one of the families that receives a grant.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw this post out there to maybe get you too thinking more about orphans. After all, we're called to defend them. (Isaiah 1:17)

Oh, and here's another site, if you want to learn more about adoption.

Steven Curtis Chapman, his wife, their three biological children and their three adopted daughters from China

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  1. I think adoption is a perfect example of God's love. I feel the same way and I'm so glad to hear your heart on this matter. Eden will be a great sister to her international sibling(s), I'm sure!


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