This Beautiful Inheritance: Enjoying Our One And Only

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Enjoying Our One And Only

Last night my husband said something that stunned me... "I don't know if I want to have anymore kids."


He laughed and quickly took it back. And he wasn't saying it for the reason you might think:  He is SO in love with our daughter, he's afraid another child might take away from what we have with her. Like I said, he quickly took it back and said he was only joking. We've always said we wanted to have several kids (including at least one adoptive, which you read before!). But he was trying to make the point that he's not ready YET and wants to really treasure this time with Eden.

I agree. I thought I might be ready for a second child sooner than I feel now. And besides the fact that the sheer workload a second child would bring makes me wince, I too am enjoying being able to give all my attention to Eden. When you only have one child, you can always make sure she looks cute, it's easier to find a babysitter, and of course, you can spoil her rotten :) Oh, and did I mention that I've had her first birthday planned out in my head for months?

However.... I know everyone says that when you have a second child, your love isn't divided, it multiplies. And I believe that. I'm still very excited about growing our family one day. And I know, deep down, Tyler is too. But until then, we're soaking up every precious moment with our one and only. So don't expect to see my blog name changing any time too soon.

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  1. Just thought i'd tell you that i love reading your blogs! i think your daughter is so cute and i love all the flowers you put in her.. haha so cute! :) and i always think your husbend is amazinglyyy hot! haha just saying! :D


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