This Beautiful Inheritance: How He Loves Us

Monday, June 14, 2010

How He Loves Us

Tyler has started playing with a band from Des Arc-- all guys I grew up with, including a couple cousins. Anyway, there is one song they have been working on that simply gives me chills every time. You may have heard David Crowder's version, but they're doing Kim Walker's, which I've posted below.

The song just reminds us of God's overwhelming, indescribable love for us. So often I find myself getting caught up in the Bible's standards for holiness or getting discouraged over my sin (which are both very real), but I fail to remember that God's LOVE for me is like a hurricane and I am a tree! He is jealous for me-- not for my perfection or my holiness, but for my time, my energy and my affections. He just wants me.

Watch the video below and be reminded of God's indescribable love for YOU. Think about the obvious, tangible ways he shows it to you every day. For me, there is no more obvious demonstration of His love (aside from Christ, of course) than the gift of my child. I'm reminded of it every time I see her smile or hear her laugh (which she just did). For you, it may be your own family, amazing friends, or just a beautiful day and a ray of sunlight. But it's not hard to see His blessings; they are abundant.

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