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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Missin' That Girl

Yesterday Tyler and I returned from our little summer escape to Branson. Thursday was our four-year anniversary, and we spent two nights away to celebrate. I find it interesting, though, that an anniversary trip that is supposed to revolve around husband and wife can instead center on a little girl who's not even there! :) It was our first trip away since Eden was born, and her absence only made her presence with us stronger, as we missed her and talked about her the entire time! Don't get me wrong; Tyler and I had a great time together and enjoyed each other a lot! But the phrase, "I can't wait until we can bring Eden to do this!" reoccurred quite often.

First, we spent an hour going down the water chute on the strip in Branson. Of course, the families around us with their little girls only reminded us of ours, and we kept telling each other how much fun Eden would have on this water slide in a couple of years.

That night we went to Dixie Stampede. We couldn't help but notice the LARGE number of families who brought along children Eden's age or younger! Had we made a mistake by not bringing her? No, it would have been really difficult. But we pointed out each baby to one another and said how this one had big eyes like Eden or how this one had a lot more teeth than her. Man, we were missin' that girl.

The next day was Silver Dollar City. Enough said. This place is a haven for kids and families. I have SO many fond memories of going there as a kid with my parents and sister, and all I could think of was how I can't wait to create those memories with my own kids. I want Eden to look back when she's older and remember how much fun she had with mommy and daddy doing things like that. However, I also noticed the 48" height requirement for most of the rides and realized it would be quite a while before Eden could really enjoy that place!

The next day we headed home ((after a quick trip to the Tanger Outlet Mall where I got Eden two adorable outfits at The Children's Place)). Needless to say, we were excited to see her when we pulled up in our driveway and saw her sitting in the car with Nana Jo. We enjoyed our time together, and we enjoyed our time away, but we assured ourselves we were taking that girl along next time, difficult or not!

 Eden in her T-shirt I got her from Silver Dollar City

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  1. Michael and I behave the same way when we vacay without Colby. I can only imagine what that feeling is like when it's a human baby.


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