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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not The Coupon Queen

When I went from working full-time to part-time, I figured some things would have to change. I presumptuously declared on a blog post that I would become a coupon-clipper and figured I would have plenty of time to do so. But does anyone else find this easier said than done? I WANT to be thrifty and domesticated, really I do! But no matter how many tips I hear on how to find the sales, clip the coupons, or slash your grocery bill in half--- I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

(Here's a site with those tips, if you're interested.)  (And here's another.)

Here's what usually happens with me:  I flip through a book of coupons and think, "I never buy that anyway," or "I don't want two of them; I just want one!" And close the magazine with maybe one coupon in hand. Then, I put it in my purse where it stays until it expires.

When you have 100 items in your cart, how do you remember to pull out that one, lone coupon for that one, lone item, that is only going to save you 75 cents anyway? Just seems like a lot of work for nothing.

Again, I WISH I was better at this kind of thing. I have this neighbor-- I'm sure you have one too-- who is a domesticated diva. She clips and saves coupons like it's nobody's business. She knows where the sales are. AND she always manages to cook healthy meals. It makes me green with envy.

Try as I may to be the perfect, stretch-every-dollar housewife, I'm starting to accept the fact that I may always have a slightly higher grocery bill than the next person. But then again, in my corner I have the time that she spent clipping and storing. And as a busy mom, I'm starting to think that's more valuable than 75 cents.


  1. so chris and I have recently started to clip coupons.. and its easier to do when you shopping for a big family. We buy food for a household of six so its easier to get things on sale when you buy in bulk! our first coupon shopping trip is today so we will see how it goes.. glad to know im not the only one struggling with the coupon queen thing!

  2. I love coupons and, like everything in life for me, I'll get on the coupon bandwagon ever so often. Carrying them in separated envelopes and organizing them with paper clips. After the hour or more shopping trips my hair is a mess, my coupons are everywhere, and Carsten is screaming so sometimes these experiences make me leap off the bandwagon. I will say that I save a lot when I'm consistent and plan my meals with coupons. Oh, and if I'm shopping at WalMart I always take the local sales ads and match their sales price to Walmart's.

  3. That's a good idea Jacklyn. I usually always shop at Wal-Mart and I tell myself I'm saving money by shopping there period. But that's a good way to save even more.

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog! I'm the same way- wish I could be a domestic diva and clip coupons but it just doesn't seem worthwhile to me! I'm never using those items!! Thanks for sharing! Your daughter is a cutie and close in age to my son- he was born Oct. 14!

  5. Most often, the coupons I take with me to the store end up floating in my purse and expiring, too. When I do take them out to use, I slow up the line behind me as I make sure I got every coupon that applies and then sometimes they've expired. UGH! It's a nightmare for everyone, kelc!
    However, I do have a coupon wallet that has dividers and I only save the coupons that apply to things I buy all the time.
    But the weekly menu idea is best ... with or without coupons ... it's the biggest $ saver I've come across. And if you happen to come across a coupon that matches the menu, hooray!


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