This Beautiful Inheritance: There's Nothing Like Fresh Peanut Butter

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's Nothing Like Fresh Peanut Butter

Saturday I was invited (by a total fluke I'm sure) to a Very Important Blogger Event (VIBE). Several of us blogging kind were invited to tour the new Kroger Marketplace that just opened on Chenal. We got a sneak-peak (ok a 2 1/2 hour sneak peak) inside the store that was set to have its Grand Opening later that night. And they served us "lunch by the bite," including the freshest peanut butter and most unique produce these buds have ever tasted.

Our tour guide (Kroger division president, or something like that) told us that most folks do 80 percent of their shopping at the same store, and I'm just going to admit it: 80 percent of my grocery dollars go to Wal-Mart. But......if I lived a little closer to this monstrous, mega, magnificent Kroger Marketplace, THAT would all change!

This place was really a grocery-shopper's dream... and not just groceries, my friend. They had baby and toy sections right on par with Wal-Mart and a huge furniture/home section giving Pier 1 a run for its money (almost).

Here's some more pics from my new favorite store...that I'll probably never again visit because it's 1,000,000,000,000 miles away from me.

Kyran trying an interesting pear-ish fruit.

This bulk island had everything you could ever want to stock up on: granola, beans, nuts, etc.

Being the carb fanatic that I am, THIS is what excited me: made-fresh-daily Artisan breads for $2.99 a loaf!
A close-up of these beautiful breads.
They also had a HUGE selection of cheeses from around the world, of which we got to sample. This was almost as exciting to me as the breads...
The meat selection here will definitely be a draw for a lot of people. Come get your pre-made kabobs, slap 'em on the grill, and supper's done.

Not a red meat kind of gal? There's stuffed and wrapped chicken breasts ready for your oven instead.
Possibly THE most mesmerizing contraption of all... the grind-your-own peanut butter machines (or almond butter or honey peanut butter). Just push the button and there's freshly ground nuts in your cup... no oils or sweeteners, just nuts, ground up.

And finally, here's our group. Names and blogs are listed below.

From L to R::'re reading my blog.
Savannah Butler...Chasing My Bees.
Kat Hills...Kat and Karl.
Division President or something? Tour Guide guy... somebody help me out... who was this guy again?
Sarah Osborne...The Adventures of Ernie Buffalo.
Kyran Pittman...Notes to Self.
SaraBeth Jones...The Dramatic.
Kerri Jackson Case...Damn You Little Rock.

(Disclosure:: I was not required to write any of the fabulous things in this post.)

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