This Beautiful Inheritance: I Wish I Had Pictures...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Wish I Had Pictures...

But I don't. However, I'll try to create a visual image for you of what happened to me this morning.

5 a.m. It's dark, mostly.

The red, flashing lights on my baby monitor scream, "Mama, get in here!"

I clumsily roll out of bed and make my way down the hallway, headed for my daughter's room across the house.

Half-way through my trek, I notice something on the kitchen floor being spotlighted by the over-the-sink bulb.

IT'S A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Adding to the excitement is the fact that Tyler has already gone to work. So I'm left to deal with this...dilemma... on my own. And I am NOT a creepy-crawly kind of girl.

Granted, it was a small snake. It was right by the back door so I'm guessing it slithered its way through the obviously too big crack between the door and the house. But to me, it could just as easily have been a 5-headed dragon. There was only one thing to do.


I put on my rubber boots (for fear I would anger the sneaky little guy and he would try to touch my bare feet) and I BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT.

(No image will suffice; you'll have to create your own.)

Then, I fixed Eden a bottle and went back to bed.


  1. You are so brave! Way to go fearless snake killer!

  2. My fearless daughter! You have come a long way from screaming to the top of your lungs because of a tiny little black spider!

  3. Wow kel! I love this story ... funny enough Chris and I both hate that kind of stuff and it is usually m that has to kill it

  4. OH my goodness~ I would have BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT TO~ LOL!! I hate snakes. YUCK!!!! So glad you made it thru thow. No Lie. I would have got the kids up, packed there things and went to stay at leah's or somewhere until corey got home to get it! VERY TRUE~~~~ haha.


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