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Friday, September 10, 2010

One Small Step For Baby...

My mom recently bought Eden a pair of shoes.

"Big deal," you say. "They're just shoes."

True. But my child has never worn shoes. Not until now. After many, many attempts at putting them on her feet, and her kicking and shuffling until she inevitably kicked them off, I gave up on the shoe thing. I haven't even tried putting a pair on her in several months. So ever since Eden started standing and walking, she's been doing it barefoot.

I don't know what persuaded my mom to pick up this pair of sandals and pay money for them since it was clearly understood that Eden would never leave them on her feet. I thought we had all accepted the fact she was going to grow up "Hillbilly Style." I guess the $5 sale price convinced her to give it a try anyway, and she brought them home for my little hillbilly.

Eden wasn't sure what to think about these new-fangled things attached to her feet. She examined them closely and rubbed her hands all over them.

But astoundingly, she didn't even attempt to kick them off. She stood up and took off walking. Albeit she looked like she was walking through waist-high weeds. For some reason, Eden thought having shoes on forced her to walk high-knees style. But eventually she got the hang of it and walked normally (except to stop every so often and touch her shoes, making sure they were still there of course).


ANYWAY. Next time you see my child- she may be wearing shoes. And it got me to thinking about all the other "new steps" she has been taking lately. Really, she's growing up like crazy.

Eden now says all kinds of words! You may not recognize them, but I promise that's what she's saying!
-Dada and Daddy
-Nite Nite
-Yellow (I know, I was amazed too!)
-Mama (although, sadly, this one is rare)
and perhaps, the most amazing of all....
-BARNABY! (ok, so it's more like "Bar-by," but isn't that cute?)

and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting.

Another step toward being a Big Kid:  Eden now has teeth... THAT WE BRUSH.

And she's working hard at using utensils. She can't do it at all, but she's determined to be independent and thinks there is no way in heck Mama is feeding her anymore, now that she's so good at this fork thing.


And lastly, we're in the heavy-planning stages of Eden's first birthday party. My baby will be ONE!! This is another blog post in and of itself. But there is no greater step away from babyhood than a first birthday party. Still not sure how I feel about that one.............

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  1. She is as always adorable... ur doing so great as hermommy. R u gonna have a theme for her party?


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