This Beautiful Inheritance: Pumpkins, Salad and Poopie Diapers

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkins, Salad and Poopie Diapers

I have been wanting to take Eden to a pumpkin patch forever. I did a special section on local pumpkin patches and family farms in our October edition of Little Rock Family, and it only sprouted even more of a desire in me to take my little girl! So I talked to some friends, we set a date and planned to go! I was so excited. I knew some super cute pictures were sure to come!

Well, as fate would have it, after months of a drought, I wake up on the morning of Oct. 19 to find water pouring from the sky. Seriously?!? Now, I don't mean to sound selfish. I know farmers were DYING for this rain, but couldn't it have waited til like...tomorrow. Ok, I'll stop; I'm sorry. Just as I was about to tell Candace, my co event planner, that we should reschedule, she said, "Let's just go anyway and make a day of it. If it keeps raining, we'll do something else." "Ok, sure," I thought, still really disappointed. But we went on anyway, picked up friends Ginger and Amanda on the way, and luckily enough, it stopped raining.

However, a second curve ball was thrown our way when we called and found out that our original destination, Johnston Pumpkin Farm, was closed due to the weather. (Apparently, they don't like working on wet grass, as the sun was now brightly shining in the sky.) So we adapted our plans and went instead to Schaefers Pumpkin Patch. Now, I'm sure that on any other day, this place would have been poppin'. But today, thanks again to wet grass, NO ONE was there, and they weren't running the hayride, which was the only way to get to the actual pumpkin patch. We were left with only some pre-picked pumpkins to browse, a few farm animals to pet and a lot of playground equipment that was much too old for our kids ages 1 1/2 and under. Oh well. Again, we made the best of it. Yes, we all got a little muddy. And it wasn't quite the environment we were hoping for/expecting. But we got cute pictures, and that's really what it's all about, right? :)

After the pumpkin patch, we went to eat at the new ZAZA Fine Salad + Wood Oven Pizza Co. in Conway. I have wanted to eat at the one in Little Rock foorreevverr so I was really excited :) And oh boy, did it meet, no exceeeeed my expectations. Pizza- delicious. Gelato- delicious. But get this.... and I hope my sister is reading.... I ATE SALAD!!!

Whoop Dee Doo, most of you are thinking. But I am a lifelong salad HATER so this is huge. I remember telling a couple of my co-workers a while back that if I was ever going to eat salad, I thought it would be a ZAZA (I had seen a picture and thought it looked quite pretty), and sure enough I tried it and loved it! I was shocked beyond belief. Now understand that the ZAZA salad has no lettuce or any other traditional salad ingredients. It's spinach leaves, fruit and nuts so I guess I can't brag too much. But hey, it's a start.

And as a perfect end to the day, a changing of a poopie diaper right outside on the grass for all to see.

Don't judge.


  1. I love it!!! Such a Super CUTE Post!!! It was such a fun Day! took a few different turns. But I loved it! Glad we got to hang out with yall!

  2. Sounds like much fun! Eden looked adorable as always ! I miss you two!

  3. Cute post! I had so much fun! So proud for your salad adnenture! It is my favorite! Your pictures turned out great too! I think we should all head to ZaZa's every few weeks for a girls lunch :)


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