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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Worth All The Work

Whew! It seems we survived the First Birthday Party. Just barely though. 24 hours later my mom, Tyler and I all came down with severe cases of the stomach virus :s Thankfully, the bug missed my little birthday girl, and she got to spend some much needed time with her "Nana Jo" while the rest of us quarantined ourselves, watched movies and drank Sprites. But now, three days post-party, we're all feeling much better, and I can finally reflect on our first birthday extravaganza and share with you the fabulous party pics taken by Candace Skarda.

It was a very bubbly day :) Though I have to admit, I didn't realize how hectic a party is for the Birthday Mama. It was almost as stressful as enjoyable as I rushed to open the hot dog buns, show people the bathroom, feed the birthday girl, holler at everyone that it was time to do this or that, swat flies, etc. etc. True, I may have created for myself more work than was necessary by going a little over the top. But still, I wouldn't change a thing. Your little girl is only one once. As my husband says, "Go Big or Go Home."

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