This Beautiful Inheritance: Our Christmas Morning

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Morning

This Christmas just wet my appetite for the ones to come. Although it wasn't Eden's first Christmas, it felt like it in so many ways. It was our first Christmas in our own home. I got to play Santa for the first time. And Eden, for the first time, was actually able to open and enjoy her own presents.

Christmas morning as a kid was always SO much fun to me. My sister and I always woke up at the crack of dawn to open our gifts. When we got old enough, we even started setting our alarms for the earliest our parents would allow! But in our house there was none of this "run-and-see-what-you-got-before-your-parents-are-even out-of-bed-business." Mama and Daddy always gave us strict orders to come and get them before we ran into the living room and tore into our gifts. (Hence, not being allowed to set the alarm TOO early). They had worked hard to make our Christmases special, and they wanted to enjoy our excitement right along with us.

I totally understand that now. I didn't spend a fortune on Eden this Christmas (she's only 14 months old!), but still, I couldn't contain the excitement I felt watching her see and open her gifts! It was so much fun getting everything ready the night before (Tyler had to work Christmas Eve, so I was a lone Santa) and then sitting back and soaking it all in the next morning.

Here's a peak of our Christmas morning. It was as good as it gets.



  1. She was one excited little girl! How precious!!! Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. That was soooo sweet! I just love your precious family!!!!! Robyn

  3. AW! Love how mommy and daddy are with Eden. Ya'll are such a sweet little family.


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