This Beautiful Inheritance: A Year in Review

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

For me, 2010 has been filled with countless smiles, laughs and memories made. Watching a baby grow from 3 months old to 15 months old is quite the adventure! (and one I feel blessed to be a part of). Thank you for being a part of my adventure as well. I enjoy reading your comments and hearing your feedback as much as I love blogging itself. Below is a brief recap of my year. Again, thanks for reading, and here's to an even better 2011!

January 2010
I read a couple blogs, thought "I can do that," and on a whim started my own with this post.

February 2010
We moved into our first home. And were very proud.

March 2010
We took Eden on her first trip to the Zoo.

April 2010
Candace took our first set of family photos (one of which graces the top of this blog).

Also this month, I got my new job! Read the original post about this here.

May 2010
My husband, AKA Miss Buffy Longlimbs, was declared the Prettiest Woman in town.

June 2010
Eden learned to stand up by herself.

July 2010
This was a very eventful month, in which I puked in my husband's boss's bathtub, went to Branson with the hubby to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, and came close to hitting a nervous breakdown over a nine-month-old that still wouldn't sleep.

August 2010
I wore a McDonald's sack on my head and was introduced to some of the most talented women bloggers around.

September 2010
I beat a snake to death with a fly swat in my kitchen in the middle of the night (that's a lot of prepositional phrases, but every bit of that is true.)

I began prepping for the biggest birthday party bash of all time. (OK maybe not, but I was proud of how it turned out.)

Eden ended her life-long battle with shoes.

October 2010
Eden turned one year old! We celebrated in blow-out fashion.

November 2010
We turned a corner...Eden started sleeping through the night! And our lives will never be the same...

December 2010
We celebrated the birth of our Savior and enjoyed LOTS of food and family time. Eden was the sweetest Christmas baby ever. (And yes, I still think she is a baby!)

I can't imagine 2011 being much better, and yet I believe it will be! Stay tuned!

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