This Beautiful Inheritance: Learning from the Bee Keeper

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Learning from the Bee Keeper

So last night was the night. Gathered around chip & dip, cupcakes and babies, Savannah Butler, author of Chasing My Bees, bestowed upon me and a few friends her wealth of blog knowledge. It was Bloggers' Night Out. I organized it because I knew I was in dire need of some teachin'. So I invited a few friends and made a night of it.

It was so much fun! Savannah was so gracious to those of us just starting out in the life of blogging. (Yes, actually, I have been blogging for a year now, but as I told her, I am a baby in knowledge!)

She gave us so many tips and tricks for improving our blogs and our following. Numero Uno: Utilize Twitter! I've been on Twitter for a while but have been a total deadbeat about it.... Facebook is so much friendlier! But, as Savannah explained, there is no tool like Twitter to connect with people you NEVER would otherwise. So I'm going to try start Twittering Tweeting again! Follow Me!

I got so many other ideas for my blog, too. Be looking out for some changes and improvements comin' your way!

Savannah and I... haven't checked her out yet? Do it now!


  1. I think we'll all be making some changes! I can't wait to see what everyone does with the info. I didn't get Kourtney's new blog name though, do you have it?

  2. yeah girl, it's!

  3. I'm looking forward to putting the changes to use too! Savannah was awesome and even thought I have been blogging for a little bit, I am a baby in knowledge too!!

  4. I am a little overwhelmed with everything! I just need a day to soak up everything and work on all that she taught us!!! Now to find the time!


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