This Beautiful Inheritance: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Continuing with my new "meme" (<--- new blogging word I learned from Savannah), let me tell you what I'm loving on this Wednesday!

I'm Loving the Keurig coffee pot the hubby got me for Christmas. I mean, seriously, LOVING it.

Every morning I get up and think, "Hmmm... which kind of coffee will I brew this morning?" The perfect cup of coffee just brightens my day!

I'm Loving my new blog fan page on Facebook!

Click here and "Like" it now!

I'm Loving the anticipation leading up to my next event! :) Next week I'm hosting a Toddler Valentine Party for a few of my friends!

How cute is that?!? (I tried having Eden help me yesterday make Valentine cards for the party.... but she preferred to eat the glue and draw on her pants... maybe next year!)

I'm Loving all the new things Eden is learning these days! Seriously, yall, it's so cute!! In case there's one single person out there, I haven't already told... the other day I put her in her high chair, and she said, "Tank you Mama." Sweetest. Cutest. Smartest. Thing. Ever.

She's also starting to respond (correctly) when asked questions and surprise me by naming things correctly. For example, she LOVES these books with flaps. This morning she was 3 for 3, lifting up the flap and making the correct animal noise!

"What's the lion say?" "Grrrrrrowll!"  :-)

What are you loving today? Link up here and tell us!


  1. Look at you, with your meme and your facebook page and your event planning! You, sister, are a rockstar!!

  2. I love reading what you love on Wednesdays! The other day, Eden was Squirming as I was trying to put her to sleep, and I said "Eden, are you not ready for a nap?" and she Immediately answered back "no" ! She's getting sooo big! :)
    Give her a big kiss from her MIMI!

  3. I have a Tassimo, but I wish I had a Keurig! So many more options!!


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