This Beautiful Inheritance: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

On this, the snowiest day of my daughter's my life, let me tell you what I'm Loving, since you most likely are snowed in as well and have nothing better to do!

I'm Loving the way I feel after the Most. Relaxing. Bath. Ever. While Eden was napping, I seized my opportunity and used the Relaxation Bath Balm from Lush my friends gave me for my B-day. And let me just say, if you ever plan to use one, be prepared to block off at least two hours of your time, as you physically will NOT be able to remove yourself from the bathtub. It was the most serene, silky-smooth soak ever :-)


I'm Loving LOVING LOVING my new favorite blog.... Rage Against The Mini Van.

I found this blog on Sunday and was absolutely HOOKED. I plan to talk more about it, and why I love it, tomorrow so check back.

I'm Loving the potato soup I made for lunch today.

Every time I make this I'm tempted to sit and eat the whole pot. It is mmm mmmm, good!

I'm Loving being snowed in with my family. While the upteenth snow of the year is somewhat annoying, it does have an upside...

Stay Warm and Happy Wednesday!

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