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Monday, March 14, 2011

Memory Monday- Z Games

Today, I'm linking up with my friend Sara for her "Memory Monday."

If you've ever read my "Published" page, you may have read that I was once on a Disney TV show called "Z Games." However, unless you were born circa 1987-1990, you may be unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is "Z Games."

Let me explain.

When my best friend, Beth Ann, and I were in the seventh grade, there was a show on the Disney Channel about kids around the country who made up and played their own "homemade" games. The show would feature a handful of games each week, and Miss Betty Okino, former Olympic gymnast, would go to some of the kids' towns and learn and play the games for several short segments that made up one show.

Being the innovative kind that we were, Beth Ann and I decided we wanted to be on the show. So we got out a ball, started bouncing it and created some rules. (Notice, the order of events was completely opposite what should have happened. The show wanted kids who already played homemade games to send them in. We, obviously, just wanted to be on TV.)

Our game, "Four Base Bounce" was mediocre at best, but the LETTER we sent into Disney was Killer. First, we typed the letter out in two different fonts, as if Beth Ann was saying certain things, and I was saying certain things. The whole letter was like a conversation, and you could easily tell who was saying what. And second, we put the letter in one Giant business-size envelope so it would stand out from the crowd.

It worked.

A few weeks later, we got a call from Disney saying we had been chosen to be on the show. WE WERE GOING TO BE MOVIE STARS!!! (or something like that...)

Anyway, the day came when a whole crew from New York showed up on our doorstep in little bitty Small Town, USA. Camera men, sound guys, a producer and Betty Okino.

Beth Ann and I got to select a few friends to be on the show and play the game with us, and all of us got out of school for the day. A day OFF from school AND being on the Disney Channel. We thought we were in Heaven.

We spent the whole day showing Betty around our town, doing interviews and playing the game we had invented, including doing retake after retake so we could get a shot of one of us actually making the ball in the goal (We were not so proficient at this game we had created).

It was so much fun. Definitely something we'll never forget. The show aired a few weeks later, and we had our 3 minutes of fame. (Not to mention, we also got to be on a couple local morning shows to promote the show.)

But the main thing we got, was a lifetime of memories.

All our friends playing "Four Base Bounce" for the camera
Betty Okino and me
Betty and my sister, Audrey (so sad I can't find a pic of Beth Ann! )
Betty doing gymnastics in our living room

Do you have a memory you'd like to share? Link up here and share it with us!


  1. Such great memories! It was such an exciting day and we were so proud of you girls! You're right, the letter was "killer" lol!

  2. Haha! That is so cute! What a fun memory! I wish you had a copy of that letter! :)

  3. I remember that day, but i don't remember at all how to play it...haha


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