This Beautiful Inheritance: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today for What I'm Loving Wednesday, I'm going to bombard you with pictures! Hope you're OK with that!

I'm Loving these pictures I got of Eden in the bathtub. And this girl is Loving bath time!

I'm also Loving these pics of Eden playing outside. If there's one thing she's Loving more than bath time, it's playing in the yard time!

Oh, and I am so Loving these pics of Eden eating a ring pop last night. And as you can tell, "Loving" is not a strong enough word for the way she felt about it! (The girl still has blue lips and hands.)

And lastly, I'm Loving the playdate we got to attend yesterday with Sara and Lola, Ashley and Addi and other new friends!

What are you Loving on this beautiful Wednesday? Link up here, and let us know!


  1. Awe, I love the new pictures!

  2. What cute pics. Love the blue slobber!!!

  3. She's so cute! I wish Thomas was loving his baths! He's just not into them lately! :(


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