This Beautiful Inheritance: A Day of Celebration

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day of Celebration

It seems like each Holiday is getting more and more fun with Eden. As she gets older, there are more activities we can do with her that we couldn't do last year.

Our first Easter activity of the weekend was dyeing eggs on Saturday. Last year I dyed eggs by myself while Eden napped, but this year I wanted somehow to include her. So I sat her up on the counter and attempted to let her "help me." Eden is just 18 months old so this was still a very brave task! It was all I could do to keep her hands out of the dye and keep her from taking bites out of the eggs! Her favorite part, though, was naming all the colors she saw (which she's very good at doing!).

Then Sunday morning, when her daddy got home from work, we gave Eden her Easter basket. I didn't attempt to do the whole "Easter Bunny" thing. I just brought it out to her (obviously from my closet where it was hiding). My parents never really stressed the "Easter Bunny" so I guess that's why I haven't either. Not that she knows the difference right now anyway!

She loved her basket. There wasn't a lot in it, but I knew as long as she saw something with either Dora/Diego and Sesame Street, she would love it. And I was right!

Then it was off to church, where we had a totally packed house! Unfortunately, I had to miss most of the service because Eden refuses to stay in the nursery with any nursery worker. I did get to go back in at the end for the Baptism that we had. Two girls from our youth group got Baptized. I was very excited for them!

I tried to think of a way to do an Easter activity with Eden that would help teach her the TRUE meaning of Easter, but I couldn't think of anything age appropriate. Hopefully she got something out of the part of the service she did stay in! :-)

After church we headed to my Nana and Papa's for lunch with the family. Each year our gatherings get bigger and bigger as more people get married and have kids. This year we had enough little ones for a good egg hunt. Most of the kiddos (especially Eden!) were too young to really understand the concept, but they had fun anyway. And all the adults had fun watching and taking pictures!

It was a really great day. I was so thankful it didn't rain like I thought it would. I love spending beautiful days with my family and praising our Lord for the gift of His Son!

"Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn't here! He is risen from the dead!" Luke 24:5-6


  1. It was a wonderful day!

  2. Kelcie, everything looks perfect! I just love that you are so into teaching Eden about Jesus. I am working so hard on Lola and I think it is sticking! She will point him out (as a baby) and it just make me so happy! Eden is precious and I love to read about you and your sweet family!


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