This Beautiful Inheritance: Easter Fun

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Fun

Saturday, my sister and I took Eden to the Easter Family Festival at the Clinton Presidential Center. I have to say, it is an event well worth attending. All of it was FREE! It was a little cold when we first got there, but thankfully it warmed up and turned into a really pretty day. I think Eden had a lot of fun, and she sure did look cute!

This hair bow was supposed to make its debut on Easter Sunday, but my sister convinced me to break it out for this outfit. I think it was a good choice! :-)

The Easter Egg Hunt was perfect for Eden's age group. Basically there was just a bunch of eggs on the ground, and the kids could go pick them up! They weren't hidden at all. Anytime there are a bunch of "balls" all over the place, Eden is all for it!

Speaking of balls, I wasn't sure what Eden would think of being put in this closed-in ball pit, but like I said, anytime there are a bunch of balls, she loves it! I should have known. She thought it was the best thing ever!

There was also a petting zoo with some pretty unique animals.

I really wanted to get Eden's picture made with the Easter Bunny, but the line for that was a mile long. So our last activity of the day was letting Eden bang on a bunch of drums and play with other instruments. Needless to say, this area was LOUD!

Then it was off to a yummy lunch at Olive Garden. I love days like this. Nothing like beautiful spring days and fun times with my girl! (and Sis! :))


  1. Awe, that looks like so much fun! I'm glad all my girls got to go!

  2. We went too!!! We didn't make it for the egg hunt (just missed it:()

  3. Really? Aw, we should have all gone together! Hope yall had fun!

  4. Olive Garden!!! Also, Note to Self: Easter is just a few days away. Those eggs aren't gonna color themselves. ;)

    Cute bow, too!


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