This Beautiful Inheritance: She's A Smart One

Friday, April 15, 2011

She's A Smart One

Eden is 18 months old, and not to toot her little horn or anything, but I think she is a stinkin' smart toddler! She can identify and name all her colors, plus a ton of other random objects. There are some blocks at my mom's house with letters and pictures on them, and Eden can name practically all of them! Here's the video to prove it. And if you can't make out what she's saying, you'll just have to trust us. She's saying what we say she's saying! :)



  1. Kelcie, that is awesome! I wish I had more videos of Lola! She is progressing too, but no one would know because I don't ever get the video camera out! So cute though and yes she is a smart one! Does she get it from you or her daddy???

  2. haha, wellllll just to be safe, I'll say both ;). And I don't get the video camera out often enough either, but I made a point of getting this!

  3. Awe, my sweet, smart baby! And yes, Tyler and Kelcie are both very smart, but I can say from experience of raising Kelcie, she did everything early! :)


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