This Beautiful Inheritance: Something Like This Was Bound To Happen

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Like This Was Bound To Happen

My new babysitting days are Thursdays and Fridays, but yesterday the Monday girl couldn't do it so I filled in.

I was back in my bedroom yesterday trying to get Luke, the baby, to sleep and left the girls unattended for just a few minutes. I came out to find Brylee standing on the computer desk chair.... and this is what was in front of her.

Somehow I kept my composure well enough to snap this photo, but on the inside I was having a slight nervous breakdown.

I'm typing this post on my parents' computer, and I'm supposed to be getting a loaner from another girl this afternoon. So hopefully this mishap won't affect my blogging too much.

I told Brylee's mom not to worry about it. I know this could have JUST as easily been Eden who did it. In fact, I'm surprised it wasn't. She had already pulled off my shift key.

Like I said, something like this was bound to happen: 3 babies +1 adult = (some form of) Trouble.

Or maybe I'm not the SuperBabysitter I thought I was.


  1. This still amazes me. I mean those things can come off pretty easily but you have to pull can of hard to pop them off.

  2. And your planning to continue...? I think that does make you "SuperBabysitter"! Lol

  3. Brylee's Mom here. I can't believe she did this. She loved to look at pictures on the computer. I've felt so bad since Kelcie called me.

    Kelcie, remember asking me on the first day if they were always this good. Well, you now have your answer. I guess she felt right at home on Monday and started to be mischievious.


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