This Beautiful Inheritance: Eden Knows the Alphabet

Friday, May 13, 2011

Eden Knows the Alphabet

I can't help it. I have to show off another of my daughter's new skills because it amazes me and should you too. At 18 1/2 months old, Eden already knew all her letters except three! She usually mistakes F for P, J for Q and X for K. But that's understandable, right? Anyway, this video does NOT do her skills justice, but it's the best I've gotten captured. Repeat Disclaimer: this is probably one of her worst performances (but of course the only time I had the camera). But it's still pretty darn good!


  1. It's hard not to brag on our kids, isn't it? lol
    I will testify to the fact that she was very distracted, and usually does much better, but she still did great!

  2. Smart girl! She did great! You deserve to brag on your kiddo! She is blessed to have a momma that works with her! Her little voice is too sweet! :)

  3. Stuff like this is so exciting! This past fall, Silas randomly looked up at the wall and said, "The M". I turned around, he was indeed looking at the big M on the wall. Homeboy didn't really even know how to speak English yet, but he somehow knew an M (and many more) and...I didn't teach him this! What the?????????? :)

    Yay for Big Girl Eden!!

  4. That is amazing!


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