This Beautiful Inheritance: She's Diagnosed; I'm...Delusional?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's Diagnosed; I'm...Delusional?

We just got back from the doctor. On top of not sleeping, Eden developed the runniest nose ever and a horrible hacking cough. So I relented and took her in again.

And I'm glad I did. Double ear infection. Again. Or *still*

Apparently drugs didn't do the trick two weeks ago. So we got a stronger round of antibiotics, and I'm hoping/praying these do the trick. And we can all start sleeping again.

And speaking of sleep... (lame segway into a totally mostly unrelated topic)

My sleep these days is filled with some INTERESTING dreams. They say that's normal for us pregnant ones. And I've always had frequent, vivid dreams. But these lately are just STRANGE.

Here's the latest. The other night I dreamed Tyler came home FULLY tattooed. Like from his neck to his fingers to his toes.

And the best part? It was all NEON. Everything except his face was a huge splash of pink, orange and green tye-dyed disgustingness.

Something like this.



Anyway, as soon as I saw him I literally fell prostrate on the floor, buried my face in the hardwood and bawled my eyes out.

But then, to save the day, Tyler told me The Good News: it washed off! Most of it...

There were only two tattoos that were permanent. One on his back was a huge eagle with a computer in the middle of it. He told me it symbolized..........................

wait for it................................

Online Witnessing!


This still makes me laugh at its ridiculousness.

The other *permanent* tattoo on his body was one on his ankle. And it, thank goodness, was just his dad's name. Except it wasn't his dad's name at all. It was something crazy like "Merlan" (I apologize if that's your dad's name), but it's definitely not his, and it was just WEIRD. Even weirder though was that, once again, this tattoo was all neon and girly, in BUBBLE LETTERS no less!

Oh well. I guess I'd take a man with a weirdo religious symbol and a girly looking grandpa name tattoo over one who was FULLY tattooed.

Just for kicks, here's the picture again.

He seriously thinks he's bad to the bone, huh?

Oh, also, Kat has crazy pregnancy dreams too! Read and laugh.

The End.


  1. Oh my Kelcie, that was so funny!!!

  2. You crack me up!!!!! I remember having really weird dreams when I was pregnant too!!!!


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