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Friday, July 1, 2011

Learning is All Around

Have I mentioned how much Eden is into letters and numbers? Ok, yes I'm sure I have because my mom says I brag on her entirely too much talk about things like that a lot. Well, now Eden is finding letters and numbers EVERYWHERE. She's finding them in things that you or I would totally overlook. But her little observant eyes and education-craving mind spots them.

For example,

there is this random little piece of plastic outside on our patio. I have no idea what it came from. If it hadn't been for her, I'm sure I never would have noticed it. But one day when we were playing outside, she brought it to me and proudly proclaimed....


And as if that alone weren't a keen enough observation, she then turned it around and said...


Ummm, sure! I never would have spotted this little do-hickey and seen numbers, but my child, she watches a lot of PBS Kids, and education is at the forefront of her little brain.

A couple days later, my mom and sister were watching Eden at their house while I worked. I got a message from my sister with a picture of the plug in Eden's plastic swimming pool.

"Eden saw this and said 'Q!'" the text said.

Of course she did.

The next day Eden and I were in the kitchen and she knelt down, eyeing something on the floor. What had she spotted? A chip in the tile, which she proudly labled...


What can I say? My girl, she's all about her education.


  1. The other day when she was with me in LR, every where we went, she pointed out the letters of the store signs, and the numbers on prices!

  2. That is wonderful!! I have Kindergarten students that do not recognize letters!!!


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