This Beautiful Inheritance: What Love Is...(an anniversary post)

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Love Is...(an anniversary post)

Today, Tyler and I have been married five years. (FIVE!) To me, that seems like a lot, considering most of my friends have been less than half that.

But we was youngins' when we got hitched.

Me, 19, Tyler, 21

But in case you didn't know us back then, it was not something we rushed into. We started planning our wedding (in our minds) years before the big day. You see, we may have been youngins' when we got married, but we were babies! when we started dating.

Me, 14, Tyler, 16
So actually, we have just now been married as long as we dated. Wow.

Nothing can beat the memories we've made in our five years of marriage. We finished college together, bought our first house and had the most precious little girl God could ever have given us. Sometimes it seems like this has always been my life (Married With Kids).

But then I look through old pictures, like I did preparing for this blog post, and I'm swept back to the ninth grade, when I had the biggest crush on the hottest guy I'd ever met.

In those days, I worked hard to get that boy's attention. I wore my dark denim skirt, stretchy kitty cat shirt and perfectly crimped hair to church every Sunday because it was just so darn cute, and one of these days that boy is going to show up and see just how cute I really am.

Me at 14, thinking I look hot.

Finally, the kitty cat shirt won him over and "Kelcie and Tyler" became an item. A real Cory and Topanga kind of item.

We watched each other grow up. We watched each other fail. And we forgave each other along the way. Because that's what love does. (1 Cor. 13) And even though we were babies, we kind of got it.

Five years into marriage, life is definitely different. We have bigger challenges, struggles and real world problems to deal with every day. We still fail each other a lot. But love isn't feelings; love is commitment. And we still get it.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! xoxo


  1. LOVE it Kelcie!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. So sweet! I was also 19 when we were married and we grew up together! Our anniversary is next week on the 20th! 15 years!!!! Hope y'all have a great day together!

  3. I remember those days ! You two were always intertwined . I'm so glad I've been able to be a part of your lives almost my whole life. Love you both.


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