This Beautiful Inheritance: Going to See the "Aminals"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Going to See the "Aminals"

On Saturday I got the chance to take Eden to Heifer Ranch in Perryville. If you've never heard of Heifer, you should check them out. Awesome International organization. Doing all kinds of good.

Anyway, they invited the staff of Little Rock Family to come, bring our kiddos and tour the whole place. We got to ride around on an open-air trolley and see all kinds of animals, or "aminals" as Eden says.

(Despite the scared-stiff look on her face...I don't know what that's about), Eden loved it. Here's the real proof.

Eden chased every animal that wasn't caged. And got up close and personal with those that were. I love the way she loves animals. Her little brain doesn't think about things like dirt or germs (or danger for that matter). If it's alive, bottom line, she wants to get as close as possible. She's still talking about those darn goats.

Oh! The other highlight of the day was that we got to hang out with The Bees! Eden even got to share a stroller with The Baby.

Full of life, those two. I think they may just be two peas in a pod.

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