This Beautiful Inheritance: IT'S A GIRL!!! (and her name is...)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

IT'S A GIRL!!! (and her name is...)

Well, if you haven't heard... now you have.

We're having another Baby Girl!!

We couldn't be more excited. Tyler has been saying all along that he just KNEW it was a girl. I was trying to stay neutral and picture things either way, but anytime I brought it up, he'd say something like,

"I'm telling you WE'RE HAVING A GIRL."

I should never have doubted him. He pegged it last time too. And sure enough, he was right again.

I was so anxious all day yesterday to find out. I kept catching myself randomly smiling at nothing in particular just thinking about the fact that in a few hours WE WOULD KNOW what our little bundle was.

It's such a good feeling to know. (Nothing against all you folks who keep it a surprise... yall have waaaay more patience than I do.) But for me, I love being able to say SHE instead of "It." ...Yuck.

And now we can officially call this sweet baby by name...

Selah Avelyn

That's "SAY-LUH" "a-VUH-lyn" (like Evelyn but with a short a sound.)

I am so excited. I debated over the name Selah when Eden was born and have been hoping all along that I'd still get to use it one day.

And now the day is here.

We are so blessed.

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