This Beautiful Inheritance: My Little Poolside Cutie

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Little Poolside Cutie

So here's something I haven't told you, blog friends.

Saturday I put Eden in a "Poolside Cutie Contest" at Splash Zone.

We love Splash Zone. It is the cutest little kid-friendly water park and it's cheap and it's close to home. So when I heard they were having this Poolside Cutie Contest, I just knew we had to enter it.

(OK, honestly, I knew we had to enter it because Eden has the cutest swimsuit ever, and she is the cutest cutie I'VE ever seen poolside!)

Tyler was not too sure about the whole thing. He has never wanted to put Eden in pageants so I had to convince him that this wasn't really a pageant... I mean the kids were just walking around the pool in their swimsuits, like they would at any ole pool party, right?

Well, he came along, as did my parents and sister because there is just NO WAY they are missing their baby in anything closely resembling a pageant. (I think they actually kind of like them!)

So we showed up, and the event turned out to be as darn close to a real, bona fide pageant as anything could be. I was instantly scoping the competition, trying hard NOT to become one of those crazy pageant moms on the inside.

But I could tell immediately who the competition was. This adorable little girl in a yellow swimsuit (ironically the exact one Eden had last year) with long hair and a big ole yellow flower.

She was a cutie.

Eden liked her too. (Sidenote: It was not freezing. At this point, Eden had just finished a blue, lip-staining slushie)

After a lot of waiting, it was our turn, and I held Eden's hand as we strutted our stuff around the big, kiddie pool for the judges.

It was hot, and the sun was bright, and Eden wasn't sure what was going on, so she, in no way, showed out. Of course, if the judges had NOT been watching, she would have been laughing and singing Bible School songs and carrying on, but at the needed time... nothing.

Still, she was stinkin' adorable. And she didn't cry or whine so I counted that as a plus, plus.

We took our place back in the line-up and anxiously waited for someone else to mess up big time.


Finally, after all the age divisions had gone and after a whole lot more waiting, they announced the winners.

By this time, Eden was just ready to break out of the chain link gate surrounding us and play on the playground she saw on the other side. She was in no way interested in who won.

After naming off a couple other awards, I heard the announcer say the name for "Cutest Swimwear."

...."Number Two- Eden!"

I scooped her up and ran out to claim her trophy. Go Her!

"And the overall winner is............"

drum roll...............................

"Little girl in the yellow swimsuit with long hair!"

(OK, that's not what they said, but I have no clue what her name was.)


You just can't compete with that long hair.

I was mildly disappointed, but at the same time, I was so proud of my girl. I thought she was the cutest thing ever, and I was excited she had won something shiny to take home.

She, as you can see, was just glad to get to the playground.

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