This Beautiful Inheritance: Growing Blessings

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Growing Blessings

Eden is really blowing me away these days. She's almost TWO, yall! Before I had kids, I remember always loving little ones around this age. They're so interactive, and they say the darndest things.

Well that's definitely the case with Eden. All the sudden, it's like she's a little person... a little person that understands what I'm saying and says SENTENCES back to me. Sometimes it still freaks me out when I ask her something, and she answers me... with a string of words put together.


Some of her favorite sentences are... "I won't (don't) like it," "I not see it," "What is that?," "I can't find it," "I want down," "I wanna go in'ere (want to go in there)," and truthfully... tons of others. AND she puts several little sentences together. It all amazes me.

When did my little baby learn to have conversation??

She has also gotten such a little imagination lately. She's had babydolls since she was born, but only lately has she REALLY played with them. She wants to put them night night, cook them food and put them on the potty (SHE still won't use the potty, but that's another story...).

And the cutest thing is when she puts all her babies, bunnies and teddies "night night" beside each other, and says, completely unprompted, "THEY ALL FRIENDS!" She exclaims it like it's the most joyous thing ever. She came up with that one completely on her own, and I just love it. She loves for people (or stuffed animals) to be friends.

AND she has recently started singing. I LOVE this. Her Mimi and I sing to her all the time so I knew it was just a matter of time before she started, and now I randomly catch her singing all our favorite songs.

Today it has been... "Hush wittle baby, don't say word, Mama gone buy you mockinbird... anif dat mockinbird on't sing, Mama gone buyyou dimon wing."

She has the sweeeetest voice. It makes my heart (and my mouth) smile big time.

Time is going by so fast. I guess I no longer have a "baby." I have a growing, learning little toddler, who honestly, is even more fun at this age. (I say that at every stage.) But really, I can't imagine anything being more fun than this.

But then again, ask me in four months, and I'll probably tell you that newborns are the Best. Thing. Ever.

Oh well. That's the thing about blessings, I guess. They just keep getting better.

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