This Beautiful Inheritance: Our Biggest Hope and Dream

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Biggest Hope and Dream

Before you become a parent, you're told the cliches.

"You'll understand when you have your own kids." or "There's no love like a parent's love."

And then you become one, and you realize they weren't cliches.

They were the honest-to-goodness truth.

Because there is truly no love like a parent's love. And you understand so much more when you have your own kids. And suddenly you love like you didn't know possible. And you're filled to the brim with hopes and dreams for your babies.

Topping the bucket of hopes and dreams, as Christians, is the desire for our children to know Christ. For them to experience the abundant life of following Him and all He has to offer.

A good friend (Thanks Monica!) told me about this new video by Shane and Shane, whom Tyler and I LOVE! With one daughter and another on the way, she thought we would appreciate it. She was right. Thirty five seconds after finishing it, Tyler broke out his guitar and started trying to learn it.

Sit back and enjoy. And if you have daughters, grab a Kleenex.

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