This Beautiful Inheritance: Makeover Monday

Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeover Monday

Well, first I have to update you.

The sale of our house fell through. :(

And now we're totally back to Square One.

Honestly, I have to admit I am SO RELIEVED we're not moving in two weeks. But now I'm afraid the stress will come in a couple of months instead of the first week of November. We HAVE to have a buyer before our house is ready! Will you be praying for that? I would so appreciate it!

So... what does a person do when they find out they're not moving as planned?

They go ahead and put out their fall decorations, of course!

And they enjoy the rest of fall -- pumpkins, cider, bumblebee costumes and all -- without thinking too much about boxes and storage. This I am OK with.

...I don't have any updates to show you from the house this week.

Instead, I'm going to show you  (bore you with?) some decorating ideas I've been gathering from Pinterest for our new house... because obviously that is the fun part of this whole thing.

This is close to what I want to do in Selah's bedroom.

Except maybe a slightly softer shade of pink.

And this brings me to a question... has anyone out there painted their wooden baby furniture white? I really want to paint our crib, changing table and dresser. It's espresso and has a smooth finish, and I'm wondering how difficult this would be... advice is welcome!

And also on that note, I'm planning on painting this dining table that we bought.

I want to do either a distressed white or possibly turquoise... maybe something like this.

And then find random chairs from flea markets and such to put around it...

This will be cute, right?

OK. I know it's been random today. I promise there will be an actual house update next week.

'Til then!

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