This Beautiful Inheritance: New Beginnings

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Beginnings

I have something to tell you.

(and it has nothing to do with moving out of our house or getting a new one or having a baby...)

I have a new job.

Yes, it's true.

I wasn't really looking for it. It kind of found me. (I think God pointed it in my direction.) But anyway, it's here and I'm in it.

What is it? Oh yeah...

Well I am a Program Coordinator/Presenter for a local abstinence education program. Right now I'm teaching classes in the high school where Tyler graduated, and next semester I'll be back at my own alma mater.

Cool, huh?

Like I said, this wasn't something I was looking for. It's definitely a stretch from my home field of journalism. But it's something I'm passionate about. I have a heart for it. And kids today need to be educated. So I'm thankful I've been given the chance to do the educating.


So two days a week I go into the schools and present my program. Of course we can't talk about "God," but the values this program is based on are rock solid, and you kind of don't even have to. We teach them all the consequences (and statistics) of being sexually active before marriage: physical, social, emotional... and we empower them to start making healthy choices.

It's such a valuable program.

And if you're wondering, I'm also still working at my old job. (which means I'm incredibly overwhelmed at the moment...) I'm transitioning out of my role there, and after Selah is born, I'll officially just be a freelancer. I have mixed feelings about this. Ok, actually they're not mixed. I'm pretty sad about it. I love my role with the magazine, and I honestly hate to give it up.

But I know this is what's right for me and for our family. I have a peace about my new role. And I'm excited about the lives that will be impacted through it.

If it changes the life of one teen then it's worth it, right?

I think so.

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