This Beautiful Inheritance: A Fettish

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Fettish

I'm ashamed to say that once upon a time I did not enjoy the taste of pumpkin. But, thank the Lord, every seven years our taste buds change (or so I've heard), and when it came to this big, round, orange fruit, mine changed in a BIG way.

I'm now obsessed with all things pumpkin. And as soon as the leaves change and cool air sets in, every American is afforded a free pass to bake as many fattening, delicious things as they want -- as long as the ingredient list includes pumpkin or spice!

(At least this is what I'm telling myself; don't burst my bubble, yall.)

So far this fall, I have whipped up quite the yummy list of pumpkin treats. So yummy that I decided I should share the recipes with you all. You need some spice in your life, right?

Ok, here 'goes.

Just click the links for the full recipes.

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These were as yummy as they sound. Anything with pumpkin and chocolate chips just has to be a winner. Fair warning though: this recipe makes A LOT of cookies. I took a Rubbermaid bowl full to my mom and my cousin and still had TONS left for our house. Hope you're hungry.

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I think this recipe is going to become a "family tradition" in our house. I've made it for the past two years and am just in love with it. It's so easy and so delicious. I think it's misnamed though. It's definitely more of a "dessert" than a "casserole," just so you know.

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Yes, this sounds a little different. When I announced it to my husband, he looked like he was going to barf. But after he took one bite, he said, and I quote, "I think that's the best chili I've ever had."

So there you go.

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Breakfast food is my weakenss, So Pumpkin PANCAKES... um, Yes Please. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I already had all the ingredients these needed right in my kitchen. So when I found the recipe, obviously I had to make them the next morning. And obviously I had to add chocolate chips to the batter since that was already in my fridge too.

Can you say, "YUM?"

This one is from The Pioneer Woman so you just know it's going to be good. I'm going to be honest, though, it's a little stout. I think next time I'm going to try it with regular ole pumpkin puree instead of the pie filling. Still, it was yummy. And fattening. So it made the list.

So there you are. A pumpkin recipe list that will keep you busy for a few weeks. When you're done with all those, it's incredibly likely there will be more where they came from....

Until then!

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