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Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Updates

Pregnancy: Baby Selah feels like she's getting bigger by the day. Well, actually I guess she is. She pokes and prods me all day long (and while it's a little annoying at bedtime), it's also the coolest feeling. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday (31 weeks and counting!), and I started to freak out a little about HOW CLOSE her arrival really is. I picked up a pregnancy magazine in the waiting room -- something I haven't done all pregnancy -- and realized how much I have NOT been doing to prepare. As in... I haven't done a single thing. I mean really, I haven't bought one thing, cleaned one thing, gotten one thing out of the attic... Nada. Now I'm realizing how much I have to get ready (in the midst of the crazy busy holiday season) to prepare for her world-entry. [insert slight panic mode here]

The Sale of Our House: It still hasn't happened. But, we did have a realtor show it to a family this week, and they are coming back to look at it again tomorrow. The realtor says our house is one of their "Top Two." Could you please be praying that they choose ours and make us a good offer??? That would be awesome.

My New Job: It's going really well. I feel surprisingly "in my element" when I am in the front of a classroom teaching kids (especially about such an important topic). And the kids all seem to be very receptive of me and my message so that helps. I am, however, pretty darn tired. I have to get up when it's dark out to drive to the school, and I'm just not used to it! Plus, I'm still with my other job, raising babies on the outside and inside, trying to sell a house and staying busy with fall/holiday events. No wonder I need a nap.

Baby #1: Ok, I don't know who came up with the term "Terrible Twos," but I'm just not buying it. I am LOVING this age. It is the most fun yet. Eden says the cutest things and just makes me laugh every single second. Yes, she has her stubborn, whiny moments. But so far they're not any more common than they were in Age One. (Knock on wood.) Also, she is sleeping good again, (Praise Jesus!) including laying down at night with no problem whatsoever. We read her "new Elmo book," tell every single Sesame Street character goodnight individually (true story) and are off to bed with Minnie Mouse and Panda. She's actually happy to go as long as her two bestest companions are there by her side. In other news... did I mention how adorable she was on Halloween??? At first, she was quite unexcited about her slightly itchy costume, but Thank the Lord, Dora the Explorer was also a Bumblebee this year. So suddenly, Eden was way excited about it too.

I love that kid.

Happy Fall, y'all!

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