This Beautiful Inheritance: Makeover Monday

Monday, December 5, 2011

Makeover Monday

Well, I am writing this post from my parents' house. We are officially moved out of ours. It was a tiring weekend full of packing, hauling, moving and unloading. I am TIRED to say the least. Someone please remind me not to move next time I'm pregnant. Or not to get pregnant next time we move. Either way.

Eden seemed to really enjoy Moving Day #1. She kept saying she wanted to "help" and we tried to let her think she was.

By Moving Day #2, she was over it (and so was Mommy), and her Mimi came and rescued her and took her to get Chicken McNuggets and a nap, while the rest of us kept at it.

While everything is now "in," we are still trying to get everything put away in our rent house, and we're hoping to spend our first night there tonight.

Meanwhile, here are some updates from the new house this week. The trim has now been painted in the living room, Eden's bedroom and dining room.

Living Room

Eden's Room

Dining Room

My dad also spent a lot of time under the house this week working more on plumbing, but that doesn't provide anything for me to show you in pictures.

Hopefully by this time next week, we'll be all situated in our rent house, be a little more rested, and hopefully, there will be some actual paint colors on the walls here to show you.

'Til then!

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