This Beautiful Inheritance: Who We Were

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who We Were

Before there was Baby #2, or Baby #1, or a house, or even a dog...

There was He and there was Me.

We got married before any logical reason said it was OK.

We were young and as green as the money we didn't have. With everything else we lacked were jobs, bills and any real problems. Our biggest dilemma was whether it was too late to get a drink from the Kum & Go.

We got by on part-time jobs, grants for poor students, and laughter.

We smiled at each other a lot.

We lived in campus housing between all the grad students and single moms. We didn't know anyone who wore our shoes.

My friends lived in dorms across campus. His lived in rented houses across town. We didn't envy their lives because, as we saw it, ours was better. We had each other, an extra bedroom, and no meal plan. We could hang out with friends on campus, then crawl in bed next to each other.

The thing I remember most about those three years is simplicity.

Like we were just playing "grown-ups."

But what a fun game it was.

We thought each other was funny, we rented movies, and we never went to bed angry.

And sometimes, when I think back really hard, I feel a pang for what we've lost.

Our lives today are the next chapter.

Yet sometimes I feel like we're a different book.

This book has more depth and plot lines. And I know, that in probably every way that matters, it's a better one.

I wouldn't trade our babies or our memories for all the freedom in the world.

But still, if I'm honest, I sometimes miss the life we had. Then, if I'm more truthful still, I realize I miss the people we were.


  1. You sort of made me sad and happy all at the same time. That was our exact same situation. We didn't live in campus housing, but you get the idea. Things were so much simpler then. Things are great now, but in a different way. Thanks for helping me remember :-)

  2. I hear you kelcie ! Life gets louder and messier as we grow older. It's just making the time to bring back a little of who you use to he mixed with the you now. Just the other day I wrote Chris a cheesy note like it was cool in high school lol. Love yall


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