This Beautiful Inheritance: April 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

And the Winner is...

It was a close competition :-) but the winner of the Family Four Pack of tickets to Arkansas YES! is...

Bambi Bartlett

Bambi, contact me to find out how to pick up your prize. I hope your family enjoys the event!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

YES! Event Giveaway

What are your plans for this weekend? According to Today's THV, it's going to be beautiful!

After hunkering down and hiding out from storms all week, you and your family should treat yourselves to a fun-filled Saturday out in the sun! And what should you do???

Attend Arkansas YES! (Youth Enjoying Summer) at War Memorial Stadium from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

This event, brought to you by Little Rock Family and Arkansas Sports 360, is a full day of family fun where kids can compete in individual sports competitions and parents can plan their kids' entire summer!

Competitions will include Boys & Girls Club Basketball, The First Tee Golf, Junior Deputy Home Run Derby, LifeCHAMPS Pass & Kick Challenge and YMCA Soccer Shootout. Plus, exhibitors will line the field to promote and demonstrate the summer's best activities, camps and programs, and you can sign your kids up on the spot!

And guess what!?!?

I'm GIVING AWAY a Family Four Pack of Tickets RIGHT HERE! The package also includes 8 YES bucks to use on the sports competitions! AND each ticket is also good for one free admission to an Arkansas Travelers baseball game!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below saying YES!

And, if you'd like additional entries, do any of the following:

"Like" Little Rock Family on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did.

"Like" Arkansas Sports 360 on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did.

"Like" Then There Were Three on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did.

Follow @LRFamily on Twitter and leave a comment here saying that you did.

Follow @ArkSports360 on Twitter and leave a comment here saying that you did.

Follow me @KelcieHuff on Twitter and leave a comment here saying that you did.

SO... you can have up to 7 entries!

I'll announce the winner tomorrow (Friday) afternoon around 3 p.m.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm gonna cheat a little on this Wednesday and just give you one thing I'm Loving.

But it's a good one.

It's called...

"After Bath Time Jam Sessions with Da Da"


I mean, how could you not Love that?!

What are you Loving today? Link up here and let us know!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day of Celebration

It seems like each Holiday is getting more and more fun with Eden. As she gets older, there are more activities we can do with her that we couldn't do last year.

Our first Easter activity of the weekend was dyeing eggs on Saturday. Last year I dyed eggs by myself while Eden napped, but this year I wanted somehow to include her. So I sat her up on the counter and attempted to let her "help me." Eden is just 18 months old so this was still a very brave task! It was all I could do to keep her hands out of the dye and keep her from taking bites out of the eggs! Her favorite part, though, was naming all the colors she saw (which she's very good at doing!).

Then Sunday morning, when her daddy got home from work, we gave Eden her Easter basket. I didn't attempt to do the whole "Easter Bunny" thing. I just brought it out to her (obviously from my closet where it was hiding). My parents never really stressed the "Easter Bunny" so I guess that's why I haven't either. Not that she knows the difference right now anyway!

She loved her basket. There wasn't a lot in it, but I knew as long as she saw something with either Dora/Diego and Sesame Street, she would love it. And I was right!

Then it was off to church, where we had a totally packed house! Unfortunately, I had to miss most of the service because Eden refuses to stay in the nursery with any nursery worker. I did get to go back in at the end for the Baptism that we had. Two girls from our youth group got Baptized. I was very excited for them!

I tried to think of a way to do an Easter activity with Eden that would help teach her the TRUE meaning of Easter, but I couldn't think of anything age appropriate. Hopefully she got something out of the part of the service she did stay in! :-)

After church we headed to my Nana and Papa's for lunch with the family. Each year our gatherings get bigger and bigger as more people get married and have kids. This year we had enough little ones for a good egg hunt. Most of the kiddos (especially Eden!) were too young to really understand the concept, but they had fun anyway. And all the adults had fun watching and taking pictures!

It was a really great day. I was so thankful it didn't rain like I thought it would. I love spending beautiful days with my family and praising our Lord for the gift of His Son!

"Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn't here! He is risen from the dead!" Luke 24:5-6

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello all!

I'm Loving that my computer has been fixed!!!

I really meant to mention this in one of my last couple of posts... but a HUGE shout out to my cousin Heidi who made this happen! She worked a miracle, folks!

I'm Loving this watch I picked up at the Memphis Flea Market for just ten bucks!

I think it's a rip-off of some expensive brand, but it's cute, right?

I'm Loving cooking with Pioneer Woman's recipes! In the past couple of weeks I have made her "Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic," "Fried Round Steak," and most importantly.....


I mentioned that she told us about this easy, amazing Apple Dumpling recipe at the Lit Fest a couple weeks ago, and well, I tried it. And well, she was 100% correct that SOMETHING MAGICAL happens when you pop these babies in the oven. They were absolutely the most delicious thing my taste buds have ever touched. Seriously. I'm still kind of in shock about it.

I'm Loving that Flower Patch Farmgirl (whose blog I mentioned in my last WILW) commented on my last post! :)

And lastly, I'm Loving that last night I got to go eat with some great friends for sweet Ginger's birthday. Good times and delicious food!

What are you Loving today? Link up here and let us know!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Fun

Saturday, my sister and I took Eden to the Easter Family Festival at the Clinton Presidential Center. I have to say, it is an event well worth attending. All of it was FREE! It was a little cold when we first got there, but thankfully it warmed up and turned into a really pretty day. I think Eden had a lot of fun, and she sure did look cute!

This hair bow was supposed to make its debut on Easter Sunday, but my sister convinced me to break it out for this outfit. I think it was a good choice! :-)

The Easter Egg Hunt was perfect for Eden's age group. Basically there was just a bunch of eggs on the ground, and the kids could go pick them up! They weren't hidden at all. Anytime there are a bunch of "balls" all over the place, Eden is all for it!

Speaking of balls, I wasn't sure what Eden would think of being put in this closed-in ball pit, but like I said, anytime there are a bunch of balls, she loves it! I should have known. She thought it was the best thing ever!

There was also a petting zoo with some pretty unique animals.

I really wanted to get Eden's picture made with the Easter Bunny, but the line for that was a mile long. So our last activity of the day was letting Eden bang on a bunch of drums and play with other instruments. Needless to say, this area was LOUD!

Then it was off to a yummy lunch at Olive Garden. I love days like this. Nothing like beautiful spring days and fun times with my girl! (and Sis! :))

Friday, April 15, 2011

She's A Smart One

Eden is 18 months old, and not to toot her little horn or anything, but I think she is a stinkin' smart toddler! She can identify and name all her colors, plus a ton of other random objects. There are some blocks at my mom's house with letters and pictures on them, and Eden can name practically all of them! Here's the video to prove it. And if you can't make out what she's saying, you'll just have to trust us. She's saying what we say she's saying! :)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Like This Was Bound To Happen

My new babysitting days are Thursdays and Fridays, but yesterday the Monday girl couldn't do it so I filled in.

I was back in my bedroom yesterday trying to get Luke, the baby, to sleep and left the girls unattended for just a few minutes. I came out to find Brylee standing on the computer desk chair.... and this is what was in front of her.

Somehow I kept my composure well enough to snap this photo, but on the inside I was having a slight nervous breakdown.

I'm typing this post on my parents' computer, and I'm supposed to be getting a loaner from another girl this afternoon. So hopefully this mishap won't affect my blogging too much.

I told Brylee's mom not to worry about it. I know this could have JUST as easily been Eden who did it. In fact, I'm surprised it wasn't. She had already pulled off my shift key.

Like I said, something like this was bound to happen: 3 babies +1 adult = (some form of) Trouble.

Or maybe I'm not the SuperBabysitter I thought I was.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Three Little Munchkins

I've been wanting/needing to find some extra work for a while now. Something part-time, close to home, flexible. I've thought about babysitting but was always nervous that someone else's kid(s) plus my own would be... tough. After all, I've only ever had 1 kid! I don't know anything different.

But last week an opportunity presented itself for me to babysit two kiddos two days a week, or at least to try it out. After giving it some thought, I decided to give it a go.

Bright and early Thursday morning Kourtney brought over Brylee and Luke. Brylee is exactly the same age as Eden (18 months), and Luke is 4 months. So, yes, I had my hands full!

But all in all, it went smoother than I expected. Brylee and Luke are great kids!

Eden had so much fun with Brylee. Even though she called her "Lella" the whole two days (that's babytalk for Ella, our cousin).

We played outside a lot! These two looove their wagon rides. And sticks. And dirt. And leaves. And rocks.


And most definitely, they love their popelles! (that's babytalk for popcicles)


And Luke found something he loved too -- The Swing.


My biggest achievement from my first two days on the job? Getting ALL THREE BABIES to sleep AT THE SAME TIME.

Two days in a row, people! For this, I declared myself #SuperBabysitter on the Twitters.

Like I said, altogether, everything went really well. Although I was exhausted at the end of each day (I think pulling 50 lbs. in a wagon with a 17 pounder strapped to my stomach had something to do with that...), I still really enjoyed those wittle babies! And I think I just may keep them again :-).
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