This Beautiful Inheritance: Makeover Monday

Monday, January 30, 2012

Makeover Monday

I think it was two weeks ago that I said we would be moving in in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it's been TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!! and we're still not in.

But I've gotten used to each phase of this process taking longer than expected. The joke is that we've been saying "Two Weeks" for the last two months.

But seriously this time, we are going to move in in at least two weeks (hopefully less!).

This week my dad started refinishing the floors. To me, they look finished, but apparently there's still one more step of sanding and coating them again.

But take a looksie and see what you think. Like everything else, they've undergone quite a transformation.

Eden's Bedroom
Living Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Selah's Bedroom
Now these floors have a lot of, what we like to call, "character."

They're old. Worn. "Rustic."

But you like that, right? Me too.

Now in other business...

I apologize for this here blog being so neglected lately. I know y'all signed up for more than weekly house photos.

"DIDN'T YOU HAVE A BABY, RECENTLY??????," some of you are thinking.

Yes. Yes I did. And she is wonderful. And I promise to tell you all about her and how her big sister is growing up and everything else that is going on as soon as we actually get in the new house and re-acquire our own Internet connection! Until then, it's just tough getting up blog posts. Period.

Believe me, I'm as ready as you are for things to settle down and get back to "normal."

But then again, what will we all do on Mondays?? :-)

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