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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recently in iPhone Photos

My hubby got me an iPhone for Christmas. (Hip Hip Hooray!) And since the blog posts have been sparce 'round here lately (blame it on the rental house/no Internet/new baby)... I've decided to do what one of my favorite bloggers does and give you a quick update on our lives via iPhone photos. This might just become a regular occurrence.

Here 'goes.

Merry Christmas from Selah Avelyn! This is her on her first Christmas morning, 2 days old.

Selah all dressed up in her first hair bow.

Selah with her Pop.

Eden playing outside with Daddy in her new boots.

Eden pushing Mommy and Daddy together saying, "They all kiss!"

Daddy trying to help Eden hold her baby sister for the first time. This made Mommy nervous.

Selah all dressed up and heading to her newborn photo shoot.

Selah in her camou.

Eden having a little too much fun with Daddy at bathtime.

My girls watching morning cartoons.

We are loving these girls :)

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