This Beautiful Inheritance: Life Since Moving In

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Since Moving In

Honest to goodness, I'm having trouble coming up with things to blog about now that the Makeover Process is complete! It's not that life is back to "normal"........ (I've decided "normal" may never return to us)..... it's more that life is so crazy busy, blogging is just another thing on the To-Do List.

Life with two kids is a lot of fun, but MAN, is it tiring. Let's just be real. Selah is SUCH a sweetheart, but she wants to be held constantly, and that's tough when there's a toddler to chase. Some good news though, since my last post about poor ole me, the mom of terrible-sleepers, she has been sleeping so much better! I think God had pity on me after writing that and gave me a little break :) I gratefully took it! She is now waking up once a night for a bottle, which is still tiring but so much better than her sister that I absolutely can't complain.

What else is going on in our lives? Hmmmm... Tyler and I took a one-night getaway to Fayetteville where we watched the Hogs lose (Boo!) and got a full night's sleep..... Then yesterday, between the time I left for work and the time I got home, he posted his truck for sale online, someone drove down, put cash in his hand and rode away with it! :O So, quickly finding a new truck is just another thing riding on our To-Do List...

Along with finishing unpacking this house! There are still far too many boxes sitting around, and practically nothing has been hung on the walls. I was just so happy to be moving in, I wasn't too worried about getting everything put away immediately, but I'm starting to get tired of the mess. But like I said, when you have a baby that always wants to be held and a toddler and you work, it's hard to get much of anything done.

Not to mention... we have also been crazy busy with wedding festivities. My sister's wedding is in less than a month, and let me tell you, she's one popular girl. She is having showers left and right, and we've been hopping from one to another. Eden's not sure what's going on, but she's enjoying all the "wedding parties" we've been having, which all include yummy cake. As the Maid of Honor, I'm also in the middle of trying to plan the Bachelorette Party. Do you have any ideas of fun things you've done? Let me know! Just not in the comment section cause I want it to be a surprise :)

Alrighty, Selah just woke up so that's the end to this post of randomness!

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