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Friday, March 16, 2012



I'm taking a huge risk by even telling you this. Every Momma knows if you say out loud (or blog) something good your kid is doing, there's a good chance they'll stop said (or blogged) behavior.


Selah has been doing this for so long now, I think I may be in the clear.

She is sleeping through the night!!!!!!!

I'm still somewhat in disbelief. I find myself holding back from telling every person I see, and from doing any celebratory dances, because I keep thinking surely this good phase is going to end. After all, my children do not sleep.

But ever since I wrote this post, it was like God had mercy on me, and almost immediately, my tiny girl started sleeping better. Granted, she still has nights now and then when she wakes up once, but to me, that still feels like sleeping through the night. With Eden, I was up about 4 times a night at this point (and throughout the first year!), so I seriously feel like I have died and gone to Sleep Heaven. And I love it.

I feel like Selah is the most perfect baby. She is so sweet natured and laid back. And she loves watching and smiling at her family. She gives the sweetest smiles, especially to her big sister.

And her big sissy LOVES giving her kisses! I have been surprised by how whole-heartedly Eden has loved her baby sister. She's never really been jealous at all. It's probably the greatest thing on earth to watch these two love each other.

Regardless, I wouldn't trade these two for all the sleep in the world. To me, they're both pretty perfect.

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