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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Epic Fail

For months I have been wanting to find an open day or two that I could fully devote to potty training. I've told y'all how Eden has been totally uninterested, but devoting a whole day to potty training... that would be the key, I thought. Then my friend posted a video on Facebook about a method called "Potty Training 1,2,3," and I decided this would be perfect to implement during my potty training weekend.

FINALLY I decided on a day. I scheduled someone to watch Selah. And the night before, Eden and I went shopping for all the supplies we would need. A baby doll, new panties, Squeeze-its and lots of junk food.

The girl was pumped.

The night before, I laid out all of our goodies on the bar and made notes of exactly what we would do on the Big Day. I might have been as excited as she was.

As soon as Eden woke up the next morning, we would check the baby (Suzie's) panties, then wildly celebrate the fact that she was "dry." Then we'd put Eden in "big girl panties," check them periodically, and equally celebrate each time they were confirmed "dry." According to the plan, she was to get a treat (i.e. junk food) each time her panties were dry and each time she followed up with a tee tee on the potteee.

Problem was:

That never happened.

You see, Eden was very excited that Suzie stayed dry. We clapped and cheered and gave her a treat. She She was also very excited to put on her brand new Minnie Mouse panties!

But after breakfast, when it was time to sit on the potty, I could tell this wasn't quite what she had in mind.....

Though watching iPhone videos got her to sit there for a while, she started getting frustrated and saying her famous line... "No, I don't like the potty! I don't like the potty!"

The instruction video said not to let the kids get frustrated, so finally, I let her get up. And sure enough, not five minutes later, we had our first "accident."

"Ok, that's the key," I thought. "Now that she knows how it feels to be wet, she'll never want to do that again."


She peed in her panties again, and again, and again, and again. (And more agains, but I'll just stop there.)

It was ridiculous. The whole point of "Potty Training 1, 2, 3 is to reward the kids for "staying dry," but this girl was never dry! Thank goodness I started the day with four packages of panties because we were running through them like they were going out of style. And never, at any point, did she do even a droplet on the potty.

By noon, I was done.

I know that may sound like I gave up too early. Maybe you think I should've given it the full day. But it was obvious to me that we weren't getting anywhere. The two wires in her toddler brain that need to connect to make the "Oh I should tee tee in the potty not my panties" light bulb come on just weren't connecting. Which is so frustrating considering how smart this kid is.

Alas, I put her in a diaper. And I think we both did a sigh of relief (temporarily)... but now, I'm more discouraged than ever. Bribery isn't the key. Letting her train her baby isn't the key. Big girl panties aren't the key. Letting her pee on herself isn't the key.

What in the world is???

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