This Beautiful Inheritance: Furnished and Filled With Love

Friday, May 4, 2012

Furnished and Filled With Love

A couple weeks ago, two of my sweet friends threw us a housewarming party! That meant two things.

1.) We got an armload of AMAZING gift cards!!

2.) My house was finally CLEAN enough for us to take "furnished and decorated" photos to show you!

Here are the photos of our house and of the event.

Our Kitchen

The lovely food table, which made me want to incorporate some yellow into our kitchen!

The Hubs and me

Kids' Bathroom
My favorite part of the house! :)
Selah's Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Living Room, which still needs some pictures hung!
Candace, one of my friends who threw the party, also made this nifty board with all our Before and After pics!

Eden's Bedroom
And finally, the outside! Still more to do, but it's been painted and has new posts
You remember what this used to look like, right?

Thanks again to Candace Skarda Photography who organized our Housewarming and took the photos! She did, however, want me to disclose that her big, fancy, professional camera was in the shop, and these were taken with her backup ;-)

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  1. You have a lovely house. I'm not sure which room is my favorite!


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